Sana Safinaz’s DIY boxes as organizers!

Are you one of those people who are irritated like hell by the maze of laptop and phone charger chords and earphones and the rest of the snake looking family sprawled around on your floor waiting maliciously to trip you over?

If you’re not, then take a look at this picture and put yourself in my shoes. And if you ARE, then don’t shed any desperate tears and read on to find this tip I’ve got for you!


this is a very common sight I’m sure!

So basically, a month ago I had been looking for a rack or any holder kinda thing to contain this mess but I just couldn’t find one that I liked. I watched loads of hacks too and I could’ve maybe done one of those but I didn’t proceed because of the delivery I got one day. (Why does this sound so much like a sponsor post? LOL It’s not one okay!!!)

Right! So I received my mail of Sana Safinaz and let’s take a minute to swoon over their beautiful designs also. We had ordered some of their DIY Unstitched pieces which were so pretty but I must say my attention was quite fixed on the boxes in which the pieces came. I knew instantly what their fate was going to be.

Fate of the boxes displayed in the image:


These are how the boxes look like!



I am so relieved now that all this mess has a home or homes for that matter. Everything gets a home according to its size which I’m so happy about. Lol And this arrangement doesn’t even look bad placed in a corner of my lounge.

You see now you only have to go to your nearest Sana Safinaz outlet and buy yourself some happiness plus relief *wink wink*. You can even decorate these boxes by painting them or covering them with a pretty paper. You can also use them for keeping other things that might be lying homeless in your home.

I hope you liked my story and this tip I wanted to share with y’all. If you have a tip for me, comment it away..


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